If you’re running a small business, your customers want you to take credit cards

That means you have to keep their credit card and personal information safe. Following small business PCI compliance standards is the best way to protect your customer data and avoid any fees associated with PCI compliance violations.

Speed Security & Reliablility

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Laptop and Computer Optimization helps your laptop or computer reach its top performance and every laptop and computer needs regular maintenance to help maintain this level

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Enjoy the benefits and convenience of a secure wireless home or office network.

We will help with network setup, network security settings, network configuration and file sharing for printers, computers, laptops and other network devices.

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Mac hardware upgrades, hard drive replacements, operating system upgrades, data transfers from one mac to another

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new computers laptops and computer upgradesBuilding your own computer means you can handpick all components in your computer. You can ensure you get good, name brand hardware that will perform, and will have proper hardware and driver support. For upgrades, you get no-markups on new computer components.

Firewalls & Data Compliance

Accepting credit cards and little known facts that business owners are not aware of in PCI Compliance

What is PCI Compliance?

When you or any other small business takes a customer’s credit card, you receive a great deal of sensitive data. The payment card industry (PCI) sets security standards for any business that deals with credit card information so that your patrons’ sensitive data is protected. The major credit card brands, which include American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa, established these standards, known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), and continue to manage PCI compliance in accordance with these standards.

What PCI Levels and Requirements Apply to Your Business?

If you accept credit or debit cards, small business PCI compliance is a must regardless of the size of your business. You must comply with all applicable standards even if you only process one credit card transaction per year. If your business has multiple locations with separate tax ID numbers, you’ll need to validate PCI compliance at each individual location. If all of your locations operate under one tax ID, typically you are only required to validate PCI compliance annually for all locations. When applicable, you may also need to pass network scans for each location on a quarterly basis.

For merchants, determining the level of PCI compliance required can be tricky and often depends on how many payment card transactions you handle each year, as well as the credit issuer. 

As a small business at Level 4, processing up to 1 million total Visa transactions in a storefront, or less than 20,000 ecommerce transactions annually, you must complete a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (“SAQ”) and an Attestation of Compliance (“AOC”) form annually, as well as conduct a quarterly network scan by an approved scan vendor (“ASV”), if applicable.

Network Cat5E & Cat6 Ethernet

cat5 data cable With the advent of smart TV's and home entertainment devices, category 5 / 6 data cabling is a must have in a home. Cat5 opens up a plethora of capabilities for your home from security installations to web based TV, Netflix, to a cleaner desk environment where all the routers, modems, switches and wires can be moved to a back closet leaving only your computer system

Web Sites & Hosting

web site hosting We offer website solutions that include a variety of integrated online tools and services including website design and web publishing, web hosting, business email, domain name registration, web marketing and ecommerce services specifically designed for small business owners that don’t have design or technical expertise. You can also use these technologies for personal websites or family websites. Your content will be search engine optimized and promoted for high search results. If you want to serve a site simply as a business card, or sell services or products online we can accommodate all your needs. We can train you to maintain your content, or we can continue to maintain it for you

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